Thursday, December 13, 2007

Brother Del Sanford

The worst thing about living in the PNW is that it is so far away from family. That's never more apparent than in times of tragedy as today when my father passed away. Father, Papa, Preacher ... so many things to so many people. Susan, Kennedy and I are making our way to Texas to be with family, mourn and celebrate his life. We will not be blogging for a while. Here's a photo of Kennedy and Papa from last Christmas.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Purple Man

Here's a Kennedy conversation from the drive home today:

K: That man looks like the purple man.
S: What man?
K: That man on the street.
S: Oh. I'm not sure I know what you mean by the "purple man".
K: From that silly movie. The one we watched. The purple man.
S: You mean Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?
K: Yes, that's it. The purple man!
S: Actually, he does look the Willie Wonka.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mr. Noodle and Doc Martens

Kennedy is enjoying watching Sesame Street now, especially Mr. Noodle. She laughs and laughs at everything Mr. Noodle, played by Michael Jeter, does.

We are happy to say that Kennedy has finally grown into her patent leather doc martens. When we brought them down this morning Kennedy said "Those aren't Princess shoes." Ha! Of course we told her that only the coolest of princesses wear these shoes.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Gingerbread House

We turned on the holiday music and put together a gingerbread house yesterday. Giving the icing enought time to really glue the house pieces together is a hard 15 minutes. We wanted to jump right into decorating.

Harder still is having lovely candy pieces in front of you that you can't eat. Kennedy showed a lot of patience, playing with but not eating the candy pieces.

Kennedy says she made a "funny" gingerbread house this year.

At the end, there were a few gumdrops leftover to eat. Mmmmm.

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

More Digital Self Portraits

Kennedy took these shots in the car on the way to meet Grandma and Grandpa Anderson for lunch today.

In this one, she wanted to get a photo of her lips. When she captures what she wants she looks at the playback on the screen and says "I got it."

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Ruminations on a Weekend...

Last Saturday we went to breakfast at SubRosa before heading to Zoe's 4th birthday party. Kennedy had the french toast with locally made jam.

We're getting excited for the holidays and can't hardly wait to reconnect with family later in the month. This year, it seems like I am more and more excited for the holidays; this is the first year in a while when I haven't been traveling for work on a regular basis so I think the anticipation of getting away is that much more heightened.

This weekend promises to be our last 'down' weekend before starting the hustle and bustle leading up to the holidays. I'm already starting down my mental checklist of things to get done (Christmas cards, laundry, renew car tags, pay bills, etc.). Why is it that lists like these never seem to end?


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Boots and The Emperor's New Clothes

Martina, Dan and Rowdy gave Kennedy a pair of houseboots. Kennedy calls them her "Princess Boots."

Our friend Jean is visiting from Costa Rica. We went to Powell's and it was so sweet to see her spend so much time picking out just the right dinosaur book for her grandson. She bought a gift for Kennedy too, The Emperor's New Clothes, A Tale Set in China Told By DEMI. Kennedy loved the illustrations and promptly got the camera out. Here's a picture she took from the book.

I looked for the camera before we met Jean, thinking to take a picture, but couldn't find it. When I put Kennedy to bed that night I found the camera, under her sheets... Ha!

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We opened a pomegranate recently. Kennedy saw this as an opportunity to shoot some photos. All of the pomegranate photos seen here were taken by her.

Susan and I like the beautiful consumable seeds (Kennedy not so much on the seeds). We like to eat them plain or add them to our salad.

Susan read that the easiest way to extract the seeds is to do it in water.

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Rainy Day Activities

We went to the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, OR ostensibly to see the big flying boat known as the Spruce Goose. Really it was a good venue for Rowdy to stretch his legs and see a lot of airplanes. It rained a lot while the McGourin's were here.

There were lots of things happening inside the house including movies and a few chase and climb games. Both Kennedy and Rowdy enjoyed the occasional beating of the drum too. Here's Kennedy pounding away.


Sunday, December 02, 2007

Dan and Martina

It was sad to say goodbye to friends Martina and Dan this morning. Dan and Martina live in TN with their son Rowdy. Here's a funny shot of Martina and Dan - courtesy of resident photographer Kennedy:

This is their adorable son Rowdy - who recently celebrated his first birthday. Rowdy is big into the new toys he had around here and particularly enjoyed chasing Kennedy around.

Here is another fun picture that was taken by Kennedy; this is of one of her toys that we got this summer from IKEA. Sheryl and I are discussing how to start keeping all of these photos that she's taken in a separate folder for framing when she's a famous photographer someday - hello retirement income - ha!