Thursday, July 31, 2008

Guess Who's Swinging?

Oliver has taken to the swings. As long as we lean him forward he loves it.

Kennedy preferred this style of swinging too, and still does as you can see! She was playing catch-the-soccer-ball-while-swinging with Mommy Susan.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Picture for Mimi

Kennedy grabbed my hand this morning and asked "Would you come take a picture of me and Oliver to send to Mimi?" Who could say no to that. Instead of sending it, I'm posting it.

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Toe Grabbing

Here's Oliver showing off his toe grabbing skills. Kennedy likes to lay next to him and encourage him in his new found abilities. She's a great big sister.

Megan came in for a brief stay in Portland and stopped by for a visit.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tilamook Cheese Factory

A tour of the Tilamook Cheese Factory is a must when family visits. We love this cheese! And when you're in the factory it feels like you're walking into a Mr. Rogers episode, or viewing an elaborate Mouse Trap game set up.

There was a lot of cheese being pushed through when we visited. Here's Kennedy at the viewing window; she had fun watching the process.

Oliver just enjoyed being carried around.

Ryan W., Stacey and Ryan T. Ryan W is a friend of nephew Ryan T.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Old Traditions New Traditions

Mmmmm... Pinto beans and fried potatoes, a Brandenburg and thus Sanford family meal tradition. Here's Mema frying the potatoes. After our long hike on the Tilamook Head trail we couldn't wait to get back to the beach house and eat.

Oliver and Kennedy sure enjoyed being with family. Here they are with Aunt Gayle.

An emerging tradition is to have Stacey perform accupuncture. She has a skilled hand in the science and art of accupuncture. This is a picture of Ryan getting a treatment.

Our week at the beach house went by fast. Here we all are, including Kennedy's Tinker Bell balloon, on the deck before heading back to Portland via Tilamook--more about that soon.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Indian Head Beach

It was really nice to reach Indian Head Beach at the end of our Tilamook Head trail hike. Here's our group down by the water.

Kennedy went right for the sand play.

Robin supervised Kennedy who said she was "digging to China."

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Tilamook Head Trail

Here is a group photo at the Tilamook Head trail entrance. When we started we weren't really sure how long we were going to stay on the trail. It goes all the way to Ecola State Park. We ended up going to Indian Head Beach. It was a big hike, especially with Kennedy and Oliver in tow.

Oliver started off with me. This small group photo includes Sheryl, Oliver, Gayle and Shelly.

Kennedy did the first twenty minutes of the trail all by herself before it got a little too tricky. With her here are Robin and Stacey.

Eventually Gayle carried Oliver. Here they are with Mema.

This is a good picture of David. He's such an explorer on the trails.

The two Ryans were climbers and off-trail explorers. We got nephew Ryan to stand by his mom Gayle for a picture.

Stacey and Robin shared Kennedy carrying. This is Stacey with Kennedy.

Score! The explorers found a geocache. They wrote in the log and left behind a Hard Rock Cafe bandana from Washington, D.C.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sunset Fire on Seaside Beach

We hauled some chairs and wood down to the beach for a fire one evening. Kennedy kept warm under Mema's jacket. Oliver stayed warm in the ergo carrier with Susan.

David got a nice fire going. It was a beautiful fire and a raucous group with lots of laughter and singing. Seen here are Gayle, Alex, Robin, Ryan T. and Stacey.

The djembe also made its way around. Here's Stacey beating a rhythm.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Big Big Sister Stacey and Cousin Robin

It sure was nice having both Stacey and Robin visit. Here is Stacey with Oliver.

And here is Robin with Oliver.

Since Kennedy is also a "big sister" she calls Stacey her "Big Big Sister." Stacey made a special pancake plate for Kennedy.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Doo Rag, Carousel, Butterfly and Oliver's 4 month Check-Up

We couldn't find the beanie bag so Oliver got to wear a doo rag to cover his head. This is Aunt Shelly holding Oliver.

We loaded up the kids in the burley and took off in search of the famous seaside carousel. We found it but it wasn't our favorite carousel experience. It was small and fast.

Stacey and some of the others went shopping in Cannon Beach and Stacey brought back this butterfly puzzle for Kennedy.

This is Oliver in the beginning position of an attempt to roll over. He went for his 4 month visit yesterday. He is about 14 1/2 pounds (50% range) and 25 inches (75% range)! Our Pediatrician, Dr. Pritchard, said people will think he is a 7 month old.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Windy Cold Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach was windy and cold on our visit, so we put up a shade tarp for a wind barrier. Here's Mema warming up under a blanket.

The Texas contingency were pretty cold. The area was warm for Oliver even though, as fate would have it, he wasted no time in having a huge poopy blow-out. Seen here are Susan with Oliver, Stacey and Mema.

Kennedy coaxed Aunt Gayle into sand play.

The two Ryans began their hole digging modus operandi here.

They were motivated by the rock they found while digging this hole.

Some of the group, including Oliver sleeping in the sling, took the walk to Hay Stack Rock.

Later we got out of the cold wind and had clam chowder at Mo's. Kennedy stuck with her favorite, macaroni and cheese.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Crescent Beach, Ecola State Park

Before I dive into Crescent Beach photos, I have a Kennedy story. Picture Kennedy with green coloring all over her mouth and chin.

S: Kennedy, what are you doing?
K: I'm eating my green m&m.
S: Why are you eating it like that?
K: Because I don't like the seeds.

I think this is a direct result of our recent experience of learning to eat around cherry seeds. Ha!

The boardwalk (really made of cement) at Seaside made for fun walking and biking away from traffic. We made our way up and down several times. Here's another photo of Stacey biking Kennedy in the trailer.

The beach house also had a hot tub which was a big hit, especially after long hikes. Here are the two Ryans in front and Stacey and Gayle in the back.

We drove to Ecola State Park, about 7 miles from our beach house, to take the hike to Crescent beach. Here's Robin, Shelly and Stacey at the view point overlooking the walk-in beach.

Here are Gayle and mom (MeMa).

Though the beach looks close from the look out area, the hike to it is much longer at 1.5 miles each way with about a 600 foot elevation. The trail wasn't a good one for an almost 4 year old. It was at times steep, wet and narrow. So, we took turns carrying Kennedy in her pack. Stacey did the lions share of the work. Here's she is carrying Kennedy.

Once we got there, the beach was awesome. Quiet, secluded, not too windy.

Kennedy of course took off her shoes and ran right for the water.

We stayed on the beach for a bit playing and snacking and then hiked back out. Kennedy again started off with Stacey. Those are jelly bellies Kennedy is carrying. She was very protective of her jelly bellies. She would hand them out to people one or two at a time.

Oliver went in the ergo pack with Alex who sang beat box sounds and George of the Jungle to him all the way back to keep him happy.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008


We loaded up the family and spent a week on the Oregon Coast. We rented a beach house in Seaside. Here's Stacey taking Kennedy for a ride in the bike trailer.

We took a few walks on the Seaside boardwalk and the beach. In this photo you see Mema, David, Gayle, Ryan W. and Stacey heading down a beach path.

Kennedy immediately wanted to play in the sand.

It wasn't long before she moved to the water and coaxed others (Gayle and MeMa in this picture) into walking her in to the water and waves.

Little Oliver slept on Shelly in the Ergo carrier. Ryan is seen on the bike.

We have many more photos to post of our coast vacation adventures. Stay tuned.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

And They All Rolled Over...

A quick post from the midst of vacation on the coast... Oliver Del delighted us all yesterday with his newfound trick of rolling over from his back to his belly. He's so proud of this new skill that he's been showing it off frequently. Much to our amusement (and his frustration) he hasn't figured out how to get back and winds up wiggling around trying to get back over.

Blogging today from my phone. we'll try photos later.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Meeting Oliver

Oliver on the cot with the red sleeping bag. We have a lot of cots and beds set up around the house for our family guests. Woohoo!

Here's Mema with Oliver.

And Robin with Oliver.

And Ryan and Ryan inspecting kumquats. They didn't like them.

And Gayle and Oliver.

We took out for a bike ride today and went along the Springwater Trail. Here's mom on her bike. It had been years since she had riden and she had a blast.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beating the Heat in the Shade

Our friend Mo got to the zoo concert early and scored a rare spot in the shade for us at the zoo concert. Kennedy and Lucy had a good time playing together.

Oliver enjoys being outdoors, but most of all he likes people watching.


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

More Bike abouts

Earlier this week I met friends Becky and Shaun on the eastbank esplanade and we biked off down the Springwater trail. Here's a photo of the city looking north from OMSI.

Kennedy and I took a brief ride this morning. She's like my little tour guide pointing out things along the way that she knows and as if she had never seen them before. When we got home she said "Are we turning around and going back now?"

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Katie and Oliver and an Engagement

We didn't get many photos of Oliver this past weekend. We're ever conscious of the second-child-minimal-photos phenomena so I went back in and found this one of Katie and Oliver at the 4th of July bbq.

On the engagement front, Stacey and Carl got engaged! She called this weekend to give us the good news. Stacey is flying in this weekend so we'll get to hear more of the details.


Monday, July 07, 2008

Will there be Crafty People on Venus?

Laural stopped by for a visit this past weekend. Here's Kennedy showing her the planet she wants to live on when she grows up -- Venus.

Laural turned us on to, the crafty version of ebay. Sweet. We are seeking ways to be more crafy with the tactiley inclined Kennedy and think that "craft" is a good way forward. She made the 4th of July hat she was wearing at school.


Sunday, July 06, 2008

Our July 4th Show

We bought some Oregon fireworks (read: one step up from sparklers)and coaxed a few friends into coming to see the show. Uncle C.K. helped Kennedy learn how to stop a tricycle from rolling down the driveway into the street.

The real "show" though was not fireworks, but Uncle C.K. on the tricycle.

And Kennedy put on her ballet outfit and performed moves in rhythm with the explosion of fireworks, such as they were.

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Saturday, July 05, 2008

About Town

Yay - all hail to the bike trailer! We're super jazzed to have the opportunity to get out and about with both kids. Now that Oliver is a bit bigger we invested in a Burley bike trailer and love having the freedom to pile both kids in the back and take off for long journeys. (yeah, right - really we're talking about 10 blocks to Starbucks but hey, it's a start!)

Oliver certainly wasn't excited about the new helmet but he adjusted after a few minutes and was ready to go.

While we were getting ready, Kennedy was busy picking me a 'flower' from our weed garden - sweet girl. Here are both kiddos ready to hit the road.

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Friday, July 04, 2008

Zoo Concerts and Independence Days of Differing Varieties

The kids do love the zoo concerts. They embody summer for us. This week's concert was a particularly fun one as it came at the end of my independence from working at the County. After nearly 11 years of employment there I am cutting the ties in order to pursue other adventures. The Brandenburg side of me said Don't Do It! A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. But the Sanford side won out again saying Life is either a great adventure or nothing! (Helen Keller) and so here I am, celebrating my own variety of independece day. And it feels great.

Part of pursuing great adventures in life include having as much fun as possible with Oliver Del and Kennedy this summer. Here's Oliver stretching out on our blanket at the concert.

Kennedy and Halle had fun playing together. Halle celebrates a different variety of Independence Day too in that her birthday is on July 4th.


Thursday, July 03, 2008

Oliver Makes the Rounds

Oliver Del is the only boy in our little dinner group. This was his third gathering with us and now that he's nearly four months old, he is starting to make the rounds. Here he sits with Becky.

And here he sits with April.

We went to Bay Leaf, a vegetarian restaurant on SE Division street. The presentation of the food was spectacular but the seasoning was on the bland side.


Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Our friend Laura and her family sent some gifts for Oliver and Kennedy. Kennedy enjoyed opening Oliver's book, On the Night You Were Born, as much as she did opening hers, Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go to Sleep.. Sweet books. We will read them many times over. Susan was most excited about seeing the new wrapping paper which apparently has sticky sides ala post-it note style.


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Dance Performance

Saturday we attended the first of what we are sure will be many dance performance recitals. Here's Kennedy with her trophy and certificate.

Uncle C.K. brought Kennedy a gift, a Dora themed Chutes and Ladders. They had a lot of fun playing the game.

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