Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Who knew that containers could be so much fun? Everytime Kennedy opened one container to find another one within, she made this face:

Our budding artist. Kennedy does artwork at school every day. Sometimes when we're lucky we get to bring some home to put up on the fridge...

Monday, November 28, 2005

I finally got to meet Lucy, Beckie's and Tim's beautiful daughter. She is so fun! She made a thousand different faces it seems and stretched and let us hear her voice a little bit here and there. It was all quite exciting.

Tim helped entertain Kennedy.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

On Friday night we met my Aunt Annie and Uncle Dave out for dinner before they had to head home. That day the Oregon tour included waterfalls and grapes - the fermented kind (we opted to stay at home with Kennedy). After 'tasting' too much wine, the family met us for dinner at one of my favorite seafood restaurants - McCormick and Schmicks. Kennedy was dressed in her finest.

Here’s Dave and Annie on Turkey Day. This is a great example of multi-tasking between keeping Kennedy entertained and rooting for the home team.

Dave looks a lot like my dad – just with more hair. Kennedy thought his buttons were pretty fascinating.

At dinner on Friday, Kennedy did a round of “How big is Kennedy?” This is her response:

Aunt Tami and Kennedy reading all about piggies, roast beef and markets. Wee wee!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

More hi-jinks from Thanksgiving. While the family watched ‘War of the Worlds’ we tooled around in the travel stroller and had a few rounds of ‘horsey’. Too fun!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving! We’ve had a nice couple of days off. On Turkey Day Sheryl cooked a yummy free-range turkey from Diestel Turkey Ranch. Borrowed from their website – here’s the ‘before’ picture of our turkey:

Megan, Kennedy, Sheryl and I headed over to my parents’ house to hang with family and eat too much food. My Uncle Dave and Aunt Annie were in from Colorado. My Aunt Tami and Granny Kay were there too. My parents’ dogs (Lucky and Toby) did a good job of keeping too many crumbs from hitting the floor.

Kennedy’s been fighting ear infections in both ears (poor little monkey!) so during her nap she got a little sick so we had to change clothes. Kennedy took the opportunity to ham it up between outfits.

After dinner we had the obligitory pumpkin pie. I was just sure Kennedy would love it – she wasn’t so sure about it.

Needless to say, after I finally coaxed her into trying it she loved it! If you look closely you’ll notice that she’s eaten nearly the entire piece.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Kennedy's still not feeling well but she seemed to improve late this evening. Susan brought out the instruments to get her active.

It's been cold enough this week for Kennedy to wear the fleece hat that Kelly Cahill in White Fish, Montana made for her. Nice.

C.K. stopped by for a visit this evening and got Kennedy laughing and smiling a little. They sure have fun together which is just what Kennedy needed.

Monday, November 21, 2005

A picture of Megan and Kennedy from Saturday. I was going to snap a quick photo of Kennedy today but she got all teary eyed so I didn't take it. She has a runny nose and weapy eyes and another tooth is coming in and it's all just the saddest thing ever. Poor little pumpkin.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Kennedy is 13 months old today. I picked up a few flannel shirts for her yesterday. Susan is not so fond of flannel but I think it makes for good playgound wear and it's warm to boot. I admit that it is hard to look at plaid flannel shirts and not think about the 90s grunge look. If we start putting rock t-shirts underneath her flannel, then you can worry. For now, just think of it as durable warm play wear.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Kennedy still has fun with peek-a-boo and her blanket.

The best time, however, is spent toppling blocks. Megan came over to watch the Ducks and Beavers football game and ended up building a lot of block formations for Kennedy to topple.

Elle has outgrown the block basket but she doesn't seem to know that. She tried every which way to squeeze into it.

She made it work for her.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Big night for Kennedy. Brown delivered this rocking chair sent all the way here from Mimi and Papa in Kansas. It was Susan's chair when she was a little girl.

Here's Kennedy concentrating on finding the right puzzle shape that will fit this diamond piece.

And the biggest news of all... this is Kennedy all excited after she walked on her own back and forth between me and Susan!

Kennedy and Elle entertained eachother this morning with a drum and drumstick.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I shot this picture of Kennedy this morning before we left the house. I've been waiting a year for her to grow into these coolest boots ever (a gift from Mimi).

Just a quick note here from Susan...

The topic tonight: breastfeeding (squeamish readers can bypass this entry if you so choose…)

So, Kennedy and I weaned our breastfeeding relationship about 3 weeks ago now and I must say, it makes me so sad to not have that particular bonding experience as part of our daily routine. I admit, starting the breastfeeding process was incredibly hard – painful, even (thanks to thrush and general latching issues). But it was so very worth it to stick through. (Gotta love that stubbornness I so luckily posess!)

The actual weaning process was very gentle and easy for Kennedy. We started by dropping a feeding here and there and offering a bottle instead. Kennedy is doing great with cow’s milk now - and drinks it readily from a sippy cup. And can I just say not having to lug the pump all over the place as I am traveling more for work is a huge bonus. But there’s something to be said about closing a chapter in Kennedy’s life; it’s a little bit of a paradox considering we have so many more to author together as a family.

Thanks for letting me be sappy. More pictures soon!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

We've been having a rash of technical issues and have had a dickens of a time getting anything published. It looks as if the issues have been resolved - so hopefully we'll see some stability going forward.

We celebrated Sheryl's birthday on Monday. Kennedy had a great time helping Mommy open her presents.

Sheryl received from Kennedy a set of very cool drums. They had a great time playing them together before bedtime. Also pictured here is a scarf I got Sheryl and a very cool woolen hat made in Tibet. It's totally waterproof - apparently this is the material used to make shoes as well. I just like the funky tie-up at the top.

Monday, November 14, 2005

We're having server issues. Sigh.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Kennedy has a new fondness for what used to be my teddy bear when I was a little girl. I remember taking this bear to bed with me and carrying it all over the house. Well worn and very loved, this bear is happy to have a new girl to love on.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Kennedy's school called this morning because Kennedy wasn't acting like herself and had a fever of 101. Sheryl went to pick her up and the poor little bug is cutting more teeth at the top now. Soon those pearly whites will be in full view - but until then it's baby Motrin and lots of teething rings.

Kennedy and Sheryl are at home and I'm sure they are playing with three of Kennedy's favortie things to play with: the train, Elle the cat, and the ball!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Susan and I went to the Hubbard Street Dance Chicago performance last night. It's part of the Whitebird series. We talked on the way home about how these dance performances put us in a different space mentally--a calm, introspective, creative space. I can't wait until Kennedy is old enough to go with us. C.K. came over to hang out with Kennedy while we were out. I found this picture on the camera this morning. Looks like they had some fun with Elle the cat.

When we got home C.K. was finishing the Veronica Mars episode and Kennedy was sacked out.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

There was frost on the pumpkin this morning. It was the first frost at our house this season and there was quite a nip in the air. Good thing Kennedy has a brand new birthday coat courtesy of Mimi and Papa.

Monday, November 07, 2005

We took advantage of a break in the rain and took a stroll through the 'hood on Sunday. It felt good to get outside. Here are Susan and Kennedy.

Other news: We've passed the 323,000 mark on hits for this site in this calendar year. I haven't run the cumulative numbers yet. Wowzer. Sheryl had good MRI results--no change from the one 1 1/2 years ago. This time the Doctor prescribed Valium to ease the MRI claustrophobia. It was a much better experience. The Avonex shots are getting easier now too. Our friends Beckie and Tim had a beautiful baby girl, Lucy, on 10/21--just one year and one day after Kennedy was born. Sweet.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Today Kennedy and I played a new game together – cards. She had a great time scattering them all over and sharing them back and forth.

Another new outfit from Mimi and Papa Clark made an appearance today – this one is black velvet has a polar bear with a real scarf.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

On Halloween we had Megan and CK over for some Spooky Chili. Megan came as Dr. Megan.

CK came over with some horrid mask that made Kennedy scared. Needless to say, the mask didn’t stay on very long.

We only had a handful of trick-or-treaters so the candy bowl remains pretty full – dangit. I think I hear a Reese’s calling my name…

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

On Sunday evening we got together with my Aunt Tami - here she is with Kirkland, Katrina and Kennedy.

Developmental Updates:
Over the last couple of months we've begun the very slow and gentle weaning process with Kennedy. She is nearly completely weaned now - which makes me sad in some sense. However, since I've begun to travel more for my job it makes not lugging the breast pump everywhere a nice perk.

We've been so fortunate that Kennedy's transition to cow's milk was not met with any allergies or health impacts. She still drinks milk from a bottle, so the next transition will be moving away from the bottle and more to a cup for the milk. Luckily, she has mastered the sippy cup skills with water - but it's the breaking of the association from the bottle that will be our next challenge.

Oh, and finally, we're on track with moving away from the pacifier. At this point she has no desire for one while we're around - which is nice that she's weaned herself from it. It still makes an appearance during an occassional nap at school - but I imagine we'll be throwing them all away pretty soon.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

On Sunday we took Katrina and Kirkland to the pumpkin patch on Sauvie’s Island.

Kirkland had a great time pushing Kennedy around in her stroller. Our first stop was the “corn maize” to get lost amongst the stalks. We were about 30 paces in when we realized the mud was a bit much – even for the Jeep stroller. Kirkland and Katrina pushed on; Kennedy, Sheryl and I headed back out through the entrance.

Kennedy and I went on a fun Cow Ride complete with a tractor and cow-seats made of barrels. Our cow was named ‘Pumpkin’.

After her nap in the sling, Kennedy got into the spirit of the farm while wearing Sheryl’s hat.